Client: Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Year: 2018
Location: Sheffield
System: Watermist


Royal Hallam

Premiermist were proud to be included in the Sheffield, Royal Hallamshire Hospital refurbishment project. The main contractors expressed a need forWatermist systems to be installed in a number of areas in the Theatre Department. Premiermist managed the contract to design, supervise, deliver and install a complete Watermist system into the Royal Hallamshire project.

The project incorporated included fitting a system to a dozen theatres and various x-ray, Radiology and specimin rooms as per the Fire Strategy Report completed by the Innovation Fired Engineering company.

A Watermist system was provided to cover all areas and was designed and installed to FM 5560 Hazard Category 1 classification. The system was installed in phases  that matched the time frames of the phasing works being undertaken, therefore providing a fully installed and operational watermist system that covered the phase of work undertaken.

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