Retrofitting your residential, commercial or industrial fire sprinkler system is the process of adding or replacing a fire protection system including fire sprinklers, fire alarms and/or fire suppression systems to an existing building.

The threat of a fire occurring within a building in the UK is still regarded as an event that is not likely to happen to most people whether they are part of a large commercial concern, local authority building or single private dwelling. However the consequences of one fire event can be devastating.

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Premiermist Guarantee that your system will be designed and installed with your safety in mind. Our High Quality standards are well respected in the industry and the number one reason our clients come back time and time again.

Premier Mist boast a full compliment of experienced Designers, Fitters, Engineers, Support Staff and Back Office Team. Our staff are directly employed by Premiermist so you can rely on their experience to make your project their number one concern.

Premiermist support is second to none! A bold statement maybe, but one we stand by because our reputation relies on it. Support is offered at all stages of the contract period and extra support can be included in any order tailored to suit your needs

Premiermist only use the latest equipment when designing and fitting your system. We only use the most up to date CAD systems for design, the most efficent tools for installation and our piping and heads are all BS approved.

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