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Premier Mist is one of the UKs largest installers of water mist systems. We offer a range of low pressure water mist systems to suit various applications including (but not limited to); Hotels, Offices, Universities/Colleges/Schools, Car Parks, Retail, Apartments, Care Homes, Energy Centres and specific machine spaces.

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Water mist fire suppression systems are a form of sprinkler system, engineered to require less water whilst being as effective, if not more so, than more conventional sprinkler systems. This is achieved by reducing the diameter of the water droplet to expose more of the internal surface area of the discharge, allowing the water droplets to evaporate at a faster rate and reduce temperatures at the flame front more efficiently.

The effect of making the system more efficient is that the discharge rates are reduced dramatically and so therefore are the plant sizes and pipe diameters.

Water mist is still considered reflectively new in the UK with BS 8489-1 being published 2016. With this in mind Premier Mist is experienced in engaging with Consultants, Building Control and Insurers at an early stage to agree an appropriate solution.

Whilst it is important to comply with the standards and regulations of the UK for Building Approval, clients who operate brand standards from outside of the UK needs can be met fully with our range of FM / VDS and BS tested and approved system offerings.

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