Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

The definitive advantage of Premiermist fire sprinkler system is that it saves lives and protects property. A Fire Sprinkler System is your first line of defence against fire. Whatever the type, size or style of building you need to protect, Premiermist can design, build and install a sprinkler system that will contain a fire within seconds of it breaking out, which in turn buys precious time for the fire brigade to come and for lives and belongings to be saved

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In the UK there has never been a fire death in a building with a fully maintained sprinkler system. Fires are extinguished or controlled in 99% of sprinkler protected properties. Reduce average property loss by up to 70%

Fire sprinklers are now broadly used as part of the fire policy in new-build homes but building regulations may also need them to be fitted during building renovations.

When designing and installing any commercial or residential sprinkler system, Premiermist pride themselves on listening to your requirements and guiding you through every step of the development of your Fire Sprinkler System.

Our goal is your goal which is to provide the fire protection that puts the safety of you, your clients and your residents first.<

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