At Premiermist we offer various systems to suit the specific requirements of each client and customer we work with. Our services are accredited by several third parties, including CHAS , IFC and others. Each accreditation gives our clients the peace of mind that they are choosing a professional product that delivers all necessary safety requirements, as well as a provision that guarantees full satisfaction and value for money.

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The building regulations state that any installer of fire sprinkler systems should have third party accreditation, such as IFC certification. Here at Premiermist we have satisfied criteria to ensure that all our designs and installations pass the stringent assessment.

Third party accreditation is very important in both the Fire Suppression Sprinkler system and Watermist system industry. Without third party accreditation the work would not come up to the standards that are set by the building regulations. Without accreditation your fire officer or responsible person would have the power to refuse certification from an unqualified installer.

ISO, the International Organisation for Standards develop and publish the international standards that we run our business by. ISO standards are neccesary because it lets our clients and customers know that we are serious about our industry, not only to our clients, but also at home with our staff where it all begins. Whether it be ISO 9001 that deals with the quality of management to 14001 that guides our eco friendly status, Premiermist believe in the value of them.

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