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Premier Mist have installed both BS 9251 sprinkler systems and BS 8458 water mist systems to over 50 high rise residential schemes since 2012.

Since the devastating Grenfell tragedy Premier Mist have retrofitted sprinkler systems to over 25 tower blocks, which if built today would require a sprinkler system to comply with current regulatory standards. Premier Mist offer a full-service solution utilising our teams of highly experienced directly employed Engineers for retrofitting systems so multiple contractors are not required on site, keeping disruption to residents at an absolute minimum.

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    1. * Protect Management and tenant/resident liaison
    2. * On site Design and coordination of services as often building layouts are not available on older buildings
    3. * Undertaking necessary builder’s works
    4. * Undertaking all electrical works required
    5. * Installing cosmetic containment to pipework
    6. * Third party approved Fire stopping (particularly important when utilising CPVC pipework)

Premier Mist hold third party certification for the installation of both BS 9251 sprinkler systems and BS 8458 water mist systems as well as relevant quality and H&S standards. Please take a look at some of our recent case studies.

Should you wish to discuss your particular requirements for a scheme please do not hesitate to contact us.

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