Regular Sprinkler or Watermist Servicing and inspections ensures that in the event of a fire, a fully working fire suppression system is charged and ready also the fire service professionals have all tools available to them, in good working order, to support them in their bid to save lives.

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The installation servicing and maintenance of Sprinkler and Watermist systems is governed by British Standards and Building Regulations. Just as fire extinguishers require regular inspection by a competent fire extinguisher contractor, fire sprinkler and Watermist system professionals carry out servicing and maintenance to ensure that they will work appropriately.

Because inspection and servicing of sprinkler and Watermist systems is a legal requirement, it is important to use a contractor who is proficient in testing, design, installation and maintenance.

Our skilled and experienced engineers have many years’ experience with sprinkler and Watermist systems carrying out numerous services each year. Our staff carry a vast array of spares and tools to enable them to perform on the spot fixes professionally and competently, if and when required.

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