DualMIST is a fire protection system which uses a combination of fine and course droplets to effect control, suppression or extinguishment of a fire.
The cooling and extinguishing characteristics of DualMIST is far greater than with a conventional sprinkler system whilst providing a fire protection solution with minimal risk of water damage and numerous installation advantages. Typically with DualMIST water is distributed evenly and more efficiently through a range of nozzle ports at a pressure range of 5 to 10 bar. The unique design of DualMIST provides a combination of droplet size delivering water via a fine mist which is converted to steam and a course mist which has greater momentum enabling a wider range of coverage and faster distribution particularly at enhanced ceiling heights.

The DualMIST technology was developed following many years of research and development and fire testing supported by such parties as the West Yorkshire Fire Service and BRE Global in order to perfect the technology which is now available through Premier Mist.

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