The Publication of BS 8458 was made on the 25th of November 2015, following significant amendments to the original draft standard BS DD 8458.

Premier Mists chief executive Peter Duval was a member of the technical committee assembled by the BSI to assist in the final drafting and eventual standard publication and it was agreed that the original draft particularly the fire testing needed to be reviewed to present a greater challenge to any perspective system seeking industry recognition.

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In late October, Premier Mist retested the DualMIST system using the DM4-R nozzle and became the first company to attain fire test approval to this standard. It should be noted that the draft standard (BS DD 8458) has expired and therefore is no longer relevant and should not be considered as an alternative to DualMIST or the sprinkler equivalent BS 9251.


Premier Mist is a specialist provider of fire suppression and fire detection systems who through a rigorous regime of independently certified performance testing are able to offer an approved turnkey solution to the industry in such provision. In regard to suppression Premier Mist utilising DualMIST products have a diverse portfolio of fire test accreditations vide industry recognised fire test data which has been witnessed and validated by the globally renowned building Research Establishment (BRE GLOBAL).

Premier Mist is the first company to attain full fire test approval to the residential published water mist standard BS 8458 and the published BS DD 8489 for commercial water mist systems. In addition to the standard British standard protocol Premier Mist have surpassed the performance of conventional sprinklers at ceiling heights exceeding 5m and have successfully performance tested the DualMIST wall mounted nozzle (DM5) at an extended coverage of 25m2 whilst utilising a water density of only 2mm.

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