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Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation means that we are leading the way in environmental efficiency savings. Our use of the Blazemaster Fire Protection System fits in with our policy on eco solutions. Introducing the Eco-Friendly Fire Protection System from BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems

Becoming more sustainable and making our workplace eco-friendlier didn’t mean that we had to go completely green and start hugging the trees surround our headquarters.

Far from it, because there are so many easy adjustments and small changes that can make a huge difference! We simply started being more aware and conscious of our actions in the workplace which was a great place to start.

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We use items more than once, give away things you we longer need, save and reuse packaging, buy things second-hand where possible and recycle materials that we are unable reuse. The news bins for documents, notes, plastics, etc. are very popular, along with the used coffee grounds for the budding gardeners!

Where possible we go paperless or use recycled paper! The transition to digital documents instead of hard copies was quite easy once we got into the habit.

Our Office Green Team ensure that we use eco-friendly cleaning products. Many common cleaning products are indoor pollutants that are dangerous for the environment as well as human health. We purchase environmentally friendly hand soaps and cleaning sprays that do not have harmful and/or toxic chemicals.

So how do BlazeMaster®’s CPVC fire protection systems compare to steel systems when impacting the environment? The creator of CPVC, the Lubrizol Corporation, was keen to learn about the environmental impact of its product, and ensure informed decisions are made when material is chosen for fire protection systems.

Lubrizol conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to examine the energy input and output during all stages of the product’s lifetime.

Here are the findings from the assessment and how CPVC performed against steel.

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